In 2006 Mr. Ferdous Alam Mojumder started the journey of Frontline Communications LTD. with a group of highly energetic and creative innovators our sole purpose was to aggressively win the advertising battleground of the nation.

Frontline Communications LTD is a member of the Advertising Agencies Association of Bangladesh and is the foremost comprehensive advertising agency in Bangladesh. Unconquerable creativity, unbeatable client services, outstanding media relations, highly innovative employees and a jovial working environment are the secrets to our strong success.

We follow the, "Triple-R," method (right thing, right time & right place). Frontline always strives to make certain we place your brand, service or event in the most effective and recognisable placement possible. We provide relevant and useful services for our clients; always keeping up to date with new technologies and methods within the world of advertising and brand placement so that we can make the perfectly coordinated presentation in the right place to meet our clients' business objectives.